Innovation and sustainability

Complete factory for energetic utilization of residual waste / garbage

  • Sorting and energetic gasification of waste
  • Generates 100% green electricity
  • Produces no CO2, since waste gasification in absence of oxygen
    -> CO2 certificates are generated as revenue
  • NO consumption of raw materials like gas, oil, coal, energy crops
  • Very less water consumption, as operation without steam generation or cooling
  • High efficiency, as no detour with steam turbines
  • Base load power plant to operate 24/7, independant of sun, wind and water
  • Typical production of 582.956.000 kWh electricity per anno
  • Developed in Germany - design patented
  • Worldwide installation possible

Complete factory for recycling of used tires

  • Used tires are raw materials / resources
  • Only part of the energy is gained during combustion, and the exhaust air has to be cleaned at great expense
  • During thermolysis, oil-containing substances are obtained at great expense, further use of these are special
  • We leave the raw material and grind it into very fine and high-purity rubber powder, which can be processed directly by the industry into new products
  • Developed in Germany - design patented
  • Worldwide installation possible

Air Purifier - along the lines of nature

  • Nature shows us how - fresh air by the sea and at high altitudes RICH in negative ions ... with a proven positive effect on people
  • These ions attach themselves to airborne particles (dust, bacteria, viruses, spores, etc.) and bring them to the ground
  • Provides according to expert opinion increased ability to concentrate
  • Additionally we are also generating activated oxygen (in similar concentrations found in nature, and within the limits set by the Federal Environment Agency) to actively deactivate organisms 
  • Unlike HEPA filters, WORKS our principle in the WHOLE room, and do not have to circulate the air through the room several times to achieve a cleaning effect
  • Permanent protection against flu and corona in the entire room,
    Asthmatics breathe a sigh of relief through the cleaned air
  • NO contaminated hazardous waste due to contaminated filters (low follow-up costs)
  • SILENT operation, as no large vents are needed
  • LOW power consumption (low follow-up costs) , as no large vents are needed
    Very high profitability compared to HEPA air purifiers
  • School – classrooms without forced ventilation – safe teaching
  • Office – fewer absences due to illness
  • Authority – public access without restrictions
  • Doctor's Offices - Fresh air without transmission in treatment rooms
  • Industry – Filtering of process-related air pollution
  • Various devices in stock ... available from office, classroom to lecture hall and workshop
  • Developed in Germany - design patented
  • Worldwide installation possible